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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  June 14, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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. now, abc 2news at 5:30. >> today's top stories, maryland state police on the scene of a deadly crash on i-97 involving two cars early this morning. police say a car driven by a 25- year-old kelley witt was going in the wrong direction. the driver crashed into a car with a 64-year-old man driving. she was pronounced dead on the scene, the man was flown to the hospital and died moments later after he reached the hospital. police found in signs of drugs or alcohol on the scene. and the latest now on developing story. some serious police action where the atf moved in to bust up a ring of armed robbery
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suspects. police say the suspects were known to commit armed robberies and had a meeting today to finalize the plans to commit another robbery. they decided to move in and in the end one suspect was shot, atf made six arrests, found six firearms and one bullet proof vest in the car. and a police officer chasing down a 17 -year-old boy last night after a group of teens threw a rock at his home. christopher brown was found in bushes and a fight started. the teen lost consciousness at some point and later died. brown was a student athlete with no record. his mother said he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. >> weather wise clouds off the atlantic but basically quality weather. nice stuff. just the way we like it in mid- june. here is that easterly breeze
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responsible for kind of enhancing the cloud cover today. the radar has stayed nice and clear. that's good. temperatures comfortable in the upper 70's to the low 80s. warm downtown but hard to complain when you consider how hot it can be. we get hotter by sunday we will talk about it coming up. >> thank you. people from all over the country, even all over the world are downtown at baltimore's inner harbor. are you going? i'm thinking about it. roosevelt is there. he joins us now with more on the people down there taking in all the sights. this just makes the city look great. >> reporter: it should make the city look great. we can show you more but what you have going on right now is you have just one of biggest things going on, out received the 4th of july. that guy says t it's a charm city. the city is showing off it's charm but you have probably just on a thursday, on a
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thursday you have thousands of people down in the harbor for the first day of the star spangled celebration. look ated video we shot earlier to give you the idea of what you can see. just right in front of the harbor pavilion it's packed with people. the ships all over the world, mexican any navy, the ships as far as indonesia. all the way out in the harbor just to show off what they have. also of course the united states navy. this is a part of it. have you stuff here and stuff at fort mchenry. this say big weekend with more than a million people expected. we talked to people, everybody from educators to just people colicumming down and they say it's fantastic. good chance to take a look at baltimore history. >> one of the most amazing times in our history, we should consider it hats formation of the country where we learned everything. it was a great mistake but we
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learned so much. we built so much. >> we tried to avoid coming down here because i'm afraid of driving but now once we took the light-rail and got off, wow. >> reporter: one of the things you have so understand is like that lady had the best advice, took the light-rail. that's going to be a big part of the weekend finding parking. we had a lot of trouble finding parking because it'll be so many people down here. something for everybody. young, old, just also a chance to get a -- just a taste of the history. you can learn everything from how they used to build ships back in the old days to information about african american history here and then just the ships. the ships themselves are just fantastic. each ship is giving tours during the afternoon so if you want to get a look an what a tall ship is like if you want to see what it's like on a tall ship you can come down and tour one. you can tour modern navy vessels, the fort mchenry is
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here. there are plenty of things to do all over the inner harbor and at fort mchenry, just a lot of different things to come and see. reporting live. >> thank you for that live report. you know with hundreds of thousands of people heading to the waterfront for the celebration, local shops and restaurants downtown are seeing sharp rises in business. some expect sales to triple. if you are heading to the harbor you may face long lines during the peak meal time hours of the harbor place restaurant. the people working to serve you are grateful for the business and are doing their best to handle the crowds well. >> just busy. with the orioles game, the celebration it's busy. >> yes definitely helped and what with are -- what we are looking for and seeing everybody go through and
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experience it for the first time . the mayor is hoping the celebration will bring more first time visitor to the city. visitors who will find just why we are known as the charm city. we want you to know that the place for your celebration guide. just check out the website and find the feature story section. you can find the traffic advisories and five things to do in baltimore if you aren't planning ongoing to the celebration. tonight police are investigating the suspicious death of a 1-year-old girl. police were called to the home on stricker street in west baltimore for reports of a child injured. the child later died. detectives waiting on the autopsy for the cause of death. so far no arrests have been made. tonight a 15-year-old is arrested accused of kidnapping and assaulting a 9-year-old
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girl. it happened at the faith community church. the mother of the victim said her daughter and the suspect went into an office, forced the girl into another room and then restrained and choked her. police say the victim was assaulted by the suspect just a few weeks earlier. the teen is facing several charges including kidnapping and assault. a federal grand jury has indicted a pennsylvania man accused of taking pictures of young boys using bathrooms at two major rest stops. is he charged with producing possession child porn. he was arrested last night at his home. prosecutors say he took video and pictures of 11 children using the bathrooms at the maryland and chesapeake house back on may 6th. he could face up to 30 years in prison. diapers, diapers and more diapers. i'm talking five million to be
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capacity. today huggies made a donation to the families of the national coast guard. the diaper also be made available to coast guard families family need. they can get them from their child deployment center. coast guard said they are lucky to have this donation. >> they decided at this point in time it was important to support the military. they were -- we were lucky enough they reached out to us as part of the military family. >> those officials hope this donation will spark other big companies it do the same. details avenue i police chase that could have been out of a movie. this action packed chase left a car driving on only two tires, why police were determined to catch him. and it's an invention that has people doing a double take when they pass by. why people are asking man or woman? when we return.
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. dramatic police chase in oklahoma. it's all caught on tape. officers were checking on a man suspected of pretending to be an officer. he tried to run them over and just took off. suspect wanted to get away. he kept driving, even with two flat tires. after the truck finally spun out the officers were able to arrest him and tonight he is facing a number of charges including assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. that would be the truck. this pennsylvania driver will need more than a tow truck. she will need a crane to get the crane off her car. crews were uses it to hang banner when is it fell over. it crushed. the two inside were strapped in and the witness -- they weren't seriously hurt. there was nobody in the car at the time. check this out.
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it's a human like robot and it's getting a lot of attention for its life like qualities. qualities. it. dk was invented to look at the relationship between humans and robots it's not hard to tell where he got the inspiration. they are nearly the same. they are turning heads at a major expo this week. could be twins.
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. 40 citizenship candidates got a slice of the american pie today in a flag day ceremony that made them united states citizens. couldn't have been during a better time during the ceremony they displayed a 1812 era flag. they range from young to old,
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some waiting for years for this day. >> five-years. i have been waiting for this day and i'm so happy that i have same privileges. >> it's a nice feeling. it's like a big barrier. >> today also marked the 235th anniversary of the adoption of our official national symbol. now take a look at this. are you looking at five thousand cup cakes and two hundred pounds of frosting made in the shape of a tank. georgetown cup cakes and dc donated it for a special birthday bash at the pentagon. it can even shoot more cup cakes, all of this is for the army's 237th birthday making the oldest branch of the united states military. >> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> wait a minute.
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cup cake cannon? >> that sounds tafty. >> fire s it in there. the army, lit the roller than the ney -- little older than the navy. we remember the sea service downtown. that's what it's all about. talk about the defense of fort mchenry, the founding services even before those action talk about the revenue marine service and the united states life saving service and back to the continental army and navy. it's packed downtown for that. 80 degrees now and a few degrees warmer in the heart of the city but not stopping anyone. take a look at the academy. talking about the sea services in the military i don't know if they have a cup cake cannon but they have pretty good weather. couple of clouds on the horizon. cloud's have been blowing in out of the east. a beautiful view of the outer harbor. key bridge of course where all the tall ships have to come under to get downtown to the
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inner harbor. pretty good waves, quiet onto beach. the radar showing not a thing. we are dry. we have clouds, no rain. temperature wise upper 70's to the 80-degree mark and wind from the east. it's a easterly flow that's brought in some of the cloud cover. humidity moderate. no big time sticky weather here now. tomorrow we are back in the mid80s downtown to federal hill where are you looking at comfortable days, maybe just a little warmer. here is a look at outer sort of bands of cloud cover from the north and east off the disturbance off shore. overall i think we are looking good here for the next couple days. if outtravel away from baltimore which we don't recommend because it'll be such a good weekend in the city but if they do you are looking good here. nearest active weather across the deep south but this off shore disturbance spinning in
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additional cloud but still no rain with the clouds. just enough to prevent it from being as sunny and hot. the trend clears the clouds out tonight and we are left with good-looking weather in to the day tomorrow. also as we go into the day on saturday. generally a sunny situation and looking good. overnight tonight 62, partly cloudy and the two degree guarantee. more sun, on tap so that will mean things will be warmer. 82 at the airport. 85, 86 down in the heart of the city. seven day forecast, no real big changes here in the outlook. we keep a couple more days in low 80s and as we go into early next week that's where we start to see a hotter trend developing toward the middle of next week. that's good timing at the celebration wraps up. >> and now to the campaign. the president and romney delivered two speeches onto
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economy this afternoon. they were going at it today head to head just not in the same location. >> reporter: yeah. the president was in cleveland, romey was in cincinnati. they were the same state at the same time with the same topic but very different messages. >> he was ask. >> reporter: from the president a plea to voters. >> i ask you to stand we more a second term. >> reporter: from romney a plea for change. >> he is looking at a one term proposition. republicanan each one has a message for iowa. trust the current administration with four more years. >> of course we have a lot more work to do. everybody know that. >> reporter: or give someone else a try. >> he has been president for three and a half years and talk is cheap. action speaks very loud. >> reporter: the president tried to bounce back from disappointing economic numbers as well as looming challenges ahead. he blamed the bush administration for the current fiscal crisis and said this
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november it comes down to a choice. >> the economic vision of mr. romney and his friends in congress was tested just a few years ago. we tried this it. why would we think it would work better this time? >> reporter: romney isn't buying it. u. he wants four more years. he may have forgotten he talked about a one term proposition if he couldn't get the economy turned around in three years, we are going to hold him to his word. >> reporter: it's no coincidence that both are in ohio. it's a key battleground state. for the president this is his 8th trip to the state since announcing his bid. romney hasn't been there since he won the state's primary on super tuesday though we have to remember he is there today and will go back this weekend. >> thank you for that live report. jamie. >> we have a lot to tell you about coming up new for you at six. we are gathering now information now on the death of a teen allegedly at the hands
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of a off duty police officer. we are sorting the details, talk to the teen's mother. no and family plans in your future you may want to get the laptop off your lap. if that's not a tease. those and more coming up new at six. here is a preview of world news at 6:30. >> coming up on world news what drove a father to give up his home, and make his daughter's dream come true? a father's remarkable trip of love and determination on world news.
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. >> if you think computer science isn't the coast major you may want to think again. >> reporter: these des it pays to be a geek. some of the coolest jobs at tech companies like facebook and gag example that means nerds are getting rock star treatment. a new report lists the best technology jobs in america. software engineers grabbed the top spot. the average salary about $90,000. it's not just about money. the study said working conditions better than ever, many tech companies offer cool perks like free food and video games. also helping, hiring through the roof. the second and third best tech jobs also computer science position was salaries nearing $80,000. here is the deal. the number of under graduates getting computer science degrees has dropped over the last decade. recruiters flooding campuses looking for students but can't find enough. for anyone looking to get into
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the fields demand is high, bottom line may be time to dot math homework. >> looks like apple's siri could soon be in the car. the new addition will come in the form of a buton on the steering wheel so you could turn the raid radio to get directions. they are working with several car makers. the i-feature is expected to debut with in the next year. coming up tonight at six we have new details on that massive five alarm fire in fell's point. a closer look at how much damage that fire caused, we are that on the news that starts right now. >> now, abc 2news at six. >> new information on breaking news. police and atf agents break up
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an armed robbery ring and shoot eye suspect. >> defall? did they beat him? did he beat him or what? >> nothing but questions tonight from the mother of a teen who died after a fight with a off duty police officer. she spoke only to us. >> celebration underway but will the clouds ruin the fun? what you can expect. >> and you may want to keep that laptop on your lap but could it cause problems below the belt? we have the update on the breaking news we have been following all afternoon. a shooting involving federal agents this afternoon right in the 3300 block of clipper mill. this will put you in ham hampden. >> reporter: it's a pretty remote section, the mill restaurant which shut down and has now been auctioned off so it's an empty parking lot. police were watching a group of six sp


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